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Installers First launch poll on Standards and Safety

Tuesday 6th June 2017

Installers First is a community of Professional Accredited Heating Installers. The voice of installers, for installers, by installers. It has been set up to provide installers with industry relevant information but more importantly; the opportunity to help shape their industry.

Installers First has been busy gathering industry feedback over the past few months. That feedback has been used to identify three specific concerns, one of which is; Safety and Standards.

 Laurah Hutchinson-Strain, Head of Media at Installers First, says; “Installers are incredibly passionate about improving standards across their industry, ensuring safety is paramount and that the policing of quality is effective.

In order to represent the voice of the installer on this issue, we have launched an online poll where installers can vote for which approach they feel would help to improve safety and drive up standards.”

Installers are being asked to vote as follows:-


The industry needs change to improve Safety & Standards. But does it need to improve existing systems or create a new system (in addition)?

A-   Improve existing

B-   Create new


“Installers First want to help bridge the gap between those who do the job and those who often impact it, always making sure common sense and the voice of the industry is heard. From the feedback, we have received via social media and at our launch event in May, many of installers don’t feel listened to. We believe that there are answers to some of the industry challenges, and many of them reside with the people ‘on the tools’.”


To take part in the poll installers should visit our website homepage: (don’t forget to register your email address to stay up to date)

Or via our Twitter page @InstallersFirst