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Installers First official launch- Installer 2017 9th-11th May

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Thousands of Gas Safe engineers have joined together to voice their opinion on circumstances within the industry which were, until now, seemingly outside of their control. Some are referring to ‘Installers First as a ‘movement’ whether it is or not; what cannot be denied is the camaraderie and sense of power felt by those involved.

Gas safe engineers need a voice; up, down and across the industry. We need to communicate with each other, with Government, with manufacturers and anyone else who has an influence on our livelihood.


We must remain aware of and be prepared to respond to, a variety of issues, such as: Government policy, European legislation, Building regulations, Gas safety, the list goes on.  It has never been more important for everyone in the industry to get involved and provide a constructive contribution.

Coming together is just the beginning. If we are to be properly heard we need links and influences. The good news is that Installers First can provide those links and influences, it costs nothing to be a part of it and the benefits are immeasurable.


Installers First will be officially launching at Installer 2017 on stand P320. We have chosen this event for our launch as it is a great place to meet more installers and gather more feedback. We are not there to sell or preach. We’re there for you, the regular installer who just wants to do a good job without barriers.


We will, of course, have lots to keep you interested and some excellent social media picture opportunities *dressing up is optional.

Professional registered heating engineers. Peter Booth @pbplumber will be on hand to talk to you about why and how you can get involved with Installers First.


There will also be a competition which requires no skills whatsoever.


If you can’t make it to Installer 2017- we know it’s hard to take time out of the day job then;


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