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Investment in manufacturer Digital and Technical support teams revolutionise the industry and ensure installers are at the core of their business.

Monday 30th April 2018

Simon Whysall, Digital Sales Director UK & Ireland, Vaillant group

Gone are the days of technical support, standing there, head firmly placed in a manual, reading from it. Time has moved on. In this evolving digital age and following continued investment in commercial and digital sales teams, manufacturers are there to provide installer support by phone, social media, email and online.


The Vaillant Technical Support team, for example, have expanded throughout 2017, strengthening the support we provide installers by up to 50%. We believe that working together provides seamless support for installers. We work with our technical team every day to ensure installers who come to us with a technical question on digital channels such as Twitter get the right answers, quickly.


I recently spent the day with Phil Day, Senior Technical Advisor- you know cos ‘#SiDoesTech’ Phil smiled at me and says “imagine being in the installer’s shoes, 10 feet up, in a dark loft with a customer staring up at you wondering when you’ll have the heating back on”. It’s about providing that personal touch in a timely fashion. Phil says “it’ all about helping as quickly as possible now”.


It’s also important to support the technical team in new and innovative ideas. For example, placing products on our technical wall in the Service Centre, helps the team get into the mind of our installers so that they can provide a fast and effective first fix for controls and boiler issues. To quote Phil’s again “It eliminates a supervisor asking to call you back.

The first advisor an installer speaks to can be in front of the same product the installer is, working through the controls with them, in seconds.”
This approach provides the ability to work on a boiler in unison with an installer, irrespective of their location. This in depth technical support is crucial for solving even the trickiest of questions presented to the digital teams on a daily basis.


We’re proud of our installer led approach, and we’re also looking at more ways for installers to get technical help on our website with the Knowledge Base. Where we host a library of technical diagrams, videos, and images.

Installers with a technical question, can call our technical support team now on 0344 693 3133 or email the digital team at

If you want advice on which Vaillant product to use, where to get it, the guarantees on offer and any current merchant deals out there – the digital team can help.