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It’s all about the voice of the Gas Engineer 4 weeks’ to go- ‘An Audience with Gas Safe’

Thursday 11th January 2018

Gas Safe registered engineers, there are just 4 weeks' to go! Would you like the opportunity to meet with the register for a constructive debate on the heating industry?

First in a series of events from Installers First- ‘An Audience with Gas Safe’ offers an opportunity for gas engineers to meet with Gas Safe, discuss current industry activity, opportunities and challenges and help shape the future of the industry.


Laurah Hutchinson-Strain, Head of Media, Installers First tells us more;


‘The past 12-18 months have seen thousands of Gas Safe engineers joining together to voice their opinion on industry challenges. Social media, for example, has provided a platform for discussions on Government schemes, training and skills and the odd bit of banter about tools and music. Whether this ‘movement’ has had an actual effect on its target, or not; what cannot be denied is the camaraderie and sense of power felt by those involved.


Coming together like they have in recent months is just the beginning. If gas engineers are to be properly heard then attending events like this is essential. A tweet is lost in a scroll but outcomes and objectives identified at an organised event will be used to influence the future of the industry for years to come.


The heating industry belongs to the professional accredited engineers within it. However, as with all industries and businesses, there are many other component parts to it, which are crucial to its success. Installers First want to bring together those component parts to ensure that the industry, moving forward, is as effective as possible.’


Scott Darroch, Head of Communications, Gas Safe Register said;

‘“We know how passionately engaged many engineers are about our industry and we are looking forward to a constructive and worthwhile session with Installers First.”

This is an unmissable opportunity to; share ideas, build up a greater understanding of the whole industry, and look at some of the challenges that we face.’


The event;

When: 20th February 2018, 10-1pm (includes lunch)


Where: Installers First offices, Kenilworth, Warwickshire


The event is open to installers registered with Installers First. If you are not yet registered; Visit today!


Places are booking up fast, so if you are interested please make yourselves known via the options below. If you have a question for Gas Safe that will help provoke a constructive debate, please include your suggestion with your booking notification.

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