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Survey offers chance to help shape heating policy

Thursday 16th November 2017

At Installers First, we know installers have been long asking for an opportunity to have their say and voice their opinions on the future of the industry. A new survey, surrounding the costs of installing heating measures, offers the chance to have their voices heard by Government and shape policymaking.

We are pleased to tell installers about a survey hosted by Delta Energy and Environment (Delta – EE), which will help the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to improve its evidence base on the costs of installing heating measuring into domestic properties. This will provide BEIS with vital information and, after all, with correct information, come correct policies.


Details compiled as part of the survey will be used to update the heating measure cost assumptions in domestic properties that the department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy uses within its modeling. Currently, this database is around 5 years old - so it, undoubtedly, needs refreshing!


Matthew Myers, Analyst at Delta EE, said: ‘Taking part in the survey will benefit the industry in multiple ways; we will provide those who take part with a copy of our high level findings that will help give you a good indication of how your costs compare to other installers in the industry. This work will help the government set policy related to heating. Therefore the information you provide will be helping the government improve the heating sector which will benefit your company.’

He adds: ‘We understand that some installers may not feel comfortable telling us about their pricing structures. However, we wish to ensure installers that any information you provide will be anonymised and averaged. In no way will the data you provide be connected back to you in our report to BEIS or anywhere else.’


To complete the survey visit;